napoli-tripletta: do you have a gif set of diane talking to sam about meditation and her facial tic

these are both awesome ideas and when i stop being lazy i will make them for you! if anyone happens to know the names of episodes where diane’s facial tick appears, pleeeeeeease do let me know.

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Norm has been reincarnated as a cat ↘

and is using the surname “Lopez” to throw us off.

Norm Lopez is entitled to wash himself in the middle of the street.

The Sacramento, California cat has a fervent, almost cult-like following in the community.

Local bands have put his image on T-shirts, light rail commuters stop just to say hello and his Facebook page, as of this morning, has more than 2000 friends.

Norm’s popularity skyrocketed following a heart-warming reunion between Norm and his owner, Tyler Lopez, earlier this week.

Last Friday, a stranger mistook Norm for a pregnant cat in distress and took him to the Front Street Animal Shelter where staff recognised him from his Facebook page.

Norm now has an identification chip and will be hosting a pub crawl to benefit the shelter on August 31.

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Diane and Sam being adorable and ruining some lives.

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Norm: Hey Cliffy… Take away that beard, and you know who I’d swear that is?
Cliff: Oh yeah, you took the words right out of my mouth, Normy — Mr. D. B. Cooper himself. I’ve been tracking him for twenty years now. Now he’s found me, the supreme irony.

From “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Bar”, season 11 episode 14

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Carla: Sammy, would you just tell me one thing? What do you see in her?

Sam: Who?

from Showdown, season 1 episode 21

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Fun activity of last night, FINDING PICTURES OF THE CHEERS CAST WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG. My thoughts on this important endeavor:

Sam — brooding hunk in training

Diane — aaawwwwwwwww

Carla — looks like my grandma

Rebecca — looks like my dad (she’s a little androgynous but THAT SMIRK!!!)

Cliff — is Cliff is Cliff is Cliff

Norm — doing exactly what we all expected

Woody — PUPPY!!!!

Lilith — She is so freaking pretty, you can almost never tell in Cheers!

Frasier — future serial killer

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From “Showdown”, season 1 episode 22

soooo why has this never been gifed before?!!!

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Norm: Carla, let me get this straight… You’re really not going back to Cheers?

Carla: I know it’s a lousy job, Norm, but for the amount of money they’re throwin’ at me, there’s nothing I can’t take.

from “The Beer Is Always Greener”, season 11 episode 2

"Actuellement" doesn’t translate to "actually", Diane-clone, but noble effort!

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from Cheerio, Cheers

Thanks to tvloverofamericantelevision for suggesting I make this scene into gifs! Tangential question: how does society expect me to go to school, have a job, AND find adequate time to make gifs of Sam and Diane breathing angstily at each other? Gotta get those priorities in order, I suppose.

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On a tangential note…

I have successfully re-stolen Photoshop, so if you have gif requests, feel free to send them along. I love eschewing all my responsibilities to do Cheers things! ENABLE ME!!!!

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